Gregorio's Project Portfolio

Thanks for visiting my Project Portfolio website for course "Design: Creation of Artifacts" . I will be posting all of my work and assignments on this simple website, following the structure of the course.

About me

I'm just a guy from Colombia who enjoys sharing great stories, being in awe with life and ardently pursuing the present moment. I like to take it slow and over the years I have biked my way around dozens of countries throughout the planet, having the opportunity to learn and talk with dozens of anonymous teachers and masters of everyday life. I believe on the power of compassion, kindness, mindfulness and humility. My background formally is Computer Science and Business, although I have developed a passion for other disciplines and arts, such as biking, design, photography and playing the ukulele. 

Native from Medellín, Colombia (South America), my mother tongue is Spanish, although I can communicate fairly well in English, French and also a little in Mandarin Chinese.

More info on my webpage.

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